• Protect yourself from workplace & job injuries.

    Protect yourself from workplace & job injuries.

  • Don't let litigation drag in civil court.

    Don't let litigation drag in civil court.

Defining legal precedents.

Public court is an atmosphere of on-going changes to law and regulations. Find out recent news on legal precedents filed in the public system.

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Civil Court

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Workplace & Job Law

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Legal News

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Big Drug Companies Hold Liability

The drug Fosamax has been on the market for nearly twenty years. It’s been sold by the drug maker Merck. The drug was marketed as one that could alleviate bone loss in men. It has also been prescribed to women who have experienced osteoporosis due to the onset of menopause. Fosamax has also been the drug of choice by many doctors to prescribe to various patients. It has been prescribed for many types of cancers, including, lung, breast bone and prostate cancers. Fosamax has also been marketing and prescribed as a preventative medication for patients that were in a high risk group for people that were likely to develop osteoporosis. Read More

Representation in Criminal Cases


There are steps that individuals can take that will help them hire a reputable criminal defense lawyer. The process is not difficult but it does require resources and research to get the best results. Please keep in mind that you should only hire a lawyer based on your personal needs. Here are the steps that will help you hire the best criminal defense lawyer. Read More

Unexpected Accidents Occur Even With Precautions

One thing that is close to inevitable in work areas full of machines is unexpected accidents. Some of the accidents can sometimes bring forth injuries to the workers. This therefore implies that one ought to take necessary precautions in order to ensure their safety from such. Moreover, every worker is entitled to compensation, so long as such an event takes place while they are on duty. But this doesn’t happen automatically. Several procedures have to be followed in order to qualify for compensation. Read More

Exceeding Expectations in Personal Injury Cases

It is usual to seek the help of a lawyer if faced with any wrongful issues in everyday life. Personal injury is common for all people in every day’s life. The personal injury might be caused on the road, work place, in homes, or public place. In case you met with these types of accidents, the first job you have to do is to approach an exemplary lawyer for the exact verdict. Los angeles personal injury lawyer can satiate the needs of your expectation without any margin of error. Read More